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The Wednesday Call with Andy Albright is a weekly program that is designed to help you grow and improve in business and life. Through simple yet effective teaching principles, Andy Albright helps people move from where they are to where they want to be in as little time as possible. If you are looking for an opportunity to change your life for the better, The Wednesday Call should be part of your weekly schedule. Through this show, Andy reveals all of his business and live strategies to help people see how they find a new career through National Agents Alliance and help people all across the United States at the same time. The Wednesday Call helps people learn how to make a living working as little or as much as they choose to each week. This program originates from NAA headquarters in Burlington, N.C. where Andy Albright, who co-founded NAA in 2002, was born and raised. Special guests appear on the show regularly and include successful business minds, athletes, entrepreneurs and people making an impact in a number of different areas in the world. You’ll enjoy the podcast if you are an entrepreneur that is ready to explode in your professional career, enjoy hearing inspirational stories and messages from everyday people just like you, or maybe you are a lifelong learner who continually seeks growth and improvement in your life. Regardless of where you are, The Wednesday Call offers educational nuggets for new listeners and old. We hope you enjoy listening and keep coming back for more!
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Dec 28, 2016

Andy Albright hosted the last episode of The Wednesday Call podcast for 2017 live from AMP Studios in Burlington, N.C.

The show opened with Andy reminding people about The Alliance’s National Convention in Raleigh, N.C. on Jan. 19-22. The keynote speaker will be John C. Maxwell. Before that event takes place, Albright will be hosting several boot camps in January. He will be in Providence, R.I. on Jan. 2, Dallas, Texas on Jan. 5, Florida (Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville) on Jan. 9 and he will hit Mobile, Ala., New Orleans, La. and Jackson, Miss. on Jan. 10. To find out where the latest meetings are, visit

One of the show’s topics focused on asking this: what you want to do and what you love doing? Most people are successful because they don’t want to go back to a time that was tough on them. Maybe they were broke or disgusted, so they worked hard to change things for the better.

What do you want and how does it look next year? You need to take time to figure that out now, so you can start taking steps to make it happen. It starts now, not later. What people will you surround yourself around that will help you make it happen? Everything you do matters. The decisions you make will determine where you go from here. Please take a few minutes to map out what you want and how you can make it happen.

Andy recognized people who have qualified for Seal Team 20 and agents who have won Good Samaritan Bonus checks in December.

For The Alliance to grow in a big way, Andy is trying to assemble a group who can achieve 33-10-6-5 to help us grow. The Alliance needs 33 people who can hire 10 quality people who can find six more agents who can make five sales per week. That equation will take The Alliance to 10,000 applications per week. That is the goal that Andy has set for The Alliance moving forward. This all starts with “Doing the Do.” That means selling, recruiting and building.

People let “circumstances” limit their performance. You can’t let “stuff” prevent you from doing what you should be doing. Everybody is dealing with problems, issues and circumstances. The people who are successful still find ways to keep plugging away at the task at hand.

There’s an old story about a donkey in a well. A man was messing with the donkey by throwing shovels of dirt. Instead of sitting there and letting the dirt trap it, the donkey shook the dirt off. When the dirt started covering his feet, he stepped up. Finally, the donkey climbed out of the well. That’s what it takes to be successful. Don’t let “dirt” pile up on you when you can move to make it go away.

Work hard to avoid confusion in what you do, minimize your mistakes and avoid consuming negative information.




Dec 21, 2016

On this episode of The Wednesday Call podcast live with Andy Albright, members of The Alliance met at the Omni Hotel in Orlando, Fla. where Andy announced the incentive trip contest in 2017 to let agents win a trip to Hawaii with The Alliance in 2018, recognized Good Samaritan Bonus winners and Seal Team 20 members and a lot more!

Sit back and enjoy Episode 45 of The Wednesday Call podcast!



Dec 14, 2016

Andy Albright hosted this episode of The Wednesday Call Podcast live from AMP Studios in Burlington, N.C. in front a live studio audience to discuss five questions you need to ask yourself every day.

Andy opened the show by reminding people of all the upcoming Boot Camps and events coming up before National Convention later in January of 2017.

Next, The Alliance recognized 51 Good Samaritan Bonus winners and the charities they chose to support. Members of SealTeam20 were also recognized during the show. GSB winners and ST20 members in attendance joined Andy to talk about their recent success.

5 questions to ask yourself every single day

Why am I on the payroll? What exactly have I been hired to accomplish? Why do they pay me money to come to work?

What are my highest value activities? What skills or talents can I magically do or work on to keep getting paid?

What are the key results? What metrics prove my worth?

What can I and ONLY I do that if DONE well, will make a real difference … in my life, in my business and in somebody else’s life?

What is the most valuable use of my time right now?

The Alliance is intensely results oriented. It is about going deep and wide. We get better and better at only a few things. We do few tasks, but we do them well. We focus on the tasks that account for most of your results. Delegate and Eliminate. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “The things that matter most should never be at the mercy of things that matter least.”

Develop good habits and make them your masters. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Don’t let what matters least get in the way of what matters most.



Dec 7, 2016

Andy Albright hosted this week's episode of The Wednesday Call Podcast live from AMP Studios at The Alliance’s headquarters in Burlington, N.C. to talk about three things to do as we approach the New Year and three things you should never do.

Andy covered all the upcoming cities he will be hosting meetings in this month and also reminded people to make plans for National Convention 2017 in Raleigh, N.C. You can find the full list of meetings at

Michael Owens and Chadwick Ray joined Andy on the show to talk about Seal Team 20, Good Samaritan Bonus and three things to do and not do in the coming year.

If you want to be broke, then find out what they do and do those things. The common denominator of success is that successful people do things that others are not willing to do. 

When you are thinking about three things you should do, rank yourself from 1-10 in the following areas. Are you dreaming, believing and acting in ways to reach your goals?

People that get off track are those who stop dreaming, stop believing and stop PERIOD.

When you know what to DO and DO it, then you will be successful. You can’t stop by just knowing what to do; you must back it up with action. That’s the key.

Dream, believe and act. If you can do those things really well, there’s a great chance that you will be successful.

Is what you are doing, helping you accomplish what you want to achieve? If they are, dynamite! That’s great. If your actions are not moving closer to your goals, then you need to stop doing that. Stop NOW!

What does dreaming do for us? It inspires you to push for the dream. It gets you emotional and excited. When you continue dreaming then you have a shot. If you aren’t dreaming then it is like you are dead.

When Andy was a little boy, he dreamed of being able to do cool experiences and making crazy money. When he turned 27, he realized he couldn’t do that working in textiles. He got mad. That’s when he started dreaming and finding out what he needed to DO to be wildly successful.

Beyond dreaming, believing and acting, it is also important to figure out what your next step should be. When you focus on that 100 percent, then you can start making moves toward your goals and dreams. Doing that can also cover up a lot of mistakes and errors. You can climb out of a hole way faster when you are focused on the next correct action you should make.

Stop wishing! Don’t be the person that always says, “I wish ….” Wishing doesn’t get it done. Doing and taking action gets the desired results. That’s why you have to focus on your dreams, believe in what you are doing and that you are on the right path and take strong action to make it happen.



Dec 1, 2016

Andy Albright hosted The Wednesday Call podcast live from The Alliance’s corporate headquarters in advance of this week’s Instant Thunder event.

Albright was joined by a very special guest, Dr. Karockas Watkins, and he talked about reaching the ultimate destiny in life, which is what happens after your life ends. Iron sharpens iron. Watkins told the audience they would leave Instant Thunder on Friday ready to show the world what is possible. Vision always puts you beyond your capacity to produce but never beyond your capacity when you work with others. Without vision, you are blind.

Andy spoke about what The Alliance has been building toward in the last four years and specifically referenced the “playbook.” If you see an apple tree that doesn’t produce apples then something is wrong. We might not know exactly what is wrong, but something is wrong. It might be lack of water, lack of nutrients, lack of sunlight, etc. When we fix the problem and the apples start coming then we have a ripe apple tree. Andy wants you to be a fruit inspector when it comes to deciding who your best person is based on what they are doing.

Proverbs says that without vision, people will perish. We need more people with the right vision so The Alliance can thrive and not perish. Vision will help you with your selection process. It will help you decide where you are going. Andy is about helping people and it doesn’t stop with one person. You have to keep helping people to get everything you want. There is a tomorrow in your future and you need to be excited about that.

You might not have made it yet, but the game isn’t over unless you quit. Success doesn’t happen overnight. If you don’t quit, things will get better with a positive attitude and action. Faith without works is dead, so you have to keep taking action and keep doing.

Andy’s dad used to say that boys with money and no vision are headed for trouble. You have to have the right vision to stay on the right path.

If you can stay focused on your vision in the worst times then you can get where you want to be eventually. You can’t lose faith and you cannot quit.

People who don’t “Do the Do” that they know they need to do are messed up. If they know what to do then they need to do it.

Andy shared the first agents who are on track to be SealTeam 20 members in November. This group of people are actively and successfully “Doing the Do.” We want to celebrate their success and recognize them for setting the right example for The Alliance.

Nov 23, 2016

Andy Albright delivered a Thanksgiving edition of The Wednesday Call podcast live from AMP Studios at The Alliance’s headquarters in Burlington, N.C.

Why do poor people take days and days off around a holiday like Thanksgiving then wonder why they don’t have money when they really need it? Successful people know they work until the holiday, then spend time with friends and family and they get back to work the next day.

When stuff comes up, successful people work through the mess. They don’t let “stuff” hold them back. Winners find a way to make one more phone call, send one more email and reach one more person and help them. That’s what it takes.

What would happen if you give 100 percent? Would you be like Michael Jordan? Would you be as successful as Donald Trump? Well, don’t do that! Measure yourself based on what happens when you give 100 percent. Don’t compare yourself to somebody who has already made it big. You have no idea how hard a person who is successful worked to get to where they are now. It is about what you can do and not what if you did what somebody else did. It’s about YOU!

It’s about forward motion and controlling the things that you have control over. Keep it that simple.

What’s your potential? High performers consistently do and do some more. That’s what separates them from low performers. The masses are the masses because they all do pretty much the same stuff. The top performers do things that other people are just not willing to do to get what they want. Consistently, winners keep doing what other people will not. People who don’t want to change are not going to change. Accept that NOW and YOU keep changing, moving and doing! Don’t try to change people too fast … unless they want to change RIGHT NOW! If they want to snap the meat off the bone then help them change fast and as much as they want to change.

When you are deciding who to coach and work with, you must be very selective about it. Find people who want to be great and coach them. Be selective in how you spend your time and who you spend it with.

Andy is very proud of the culture in The Alliance. He’s grateful for it and is working hard to protect that culture.

Here’s what people do instead of being grateful: They devote many working hours in finding logic where it doesn’t exist at all. Your mind will trick you into wanting justice and order when it really doesn’t exist. People feel slighted for whatever reason or think they deserve more when it isn’t that simple. Life isn’t that fair. How much time are you going to waste on something you can’t figure out? Don’t waste your life doing that.

Consider this Irish blessing:

Count your blessings instead of your crosses;
Count your gains instead of your losses.
Count your joys instead of your woes;
Count your friends instead of your foes.
Count your smiles instead of your tears;
Count your courage instead of your fears.
Count your full years instead of your lean;
Count your kind deeds instead of your mean.
Count your health instead of your wealth;
Love your neighbor as much as yourself.

Are you struggling with something? Are you being grateful? Being grateful will take the burden off of you and set you free to soar like an eagle in the sky.

Logical thinkers need to make peace. They think computers make the rules. Logically, we should do things differently. It does not work that way. Wrong thinking. People make the decisions that dictate how things work. You have to make peace with this fact. Not everything in this world is logical. People are like snowflakes. They are all different. They also think their logic is correct.

When you operate with people based on your logic, then you are going to have problems. Even if you know the other person is wrong, don’t worry about it. How about know something is wrong and keep doing your thing? Work on you and make peace with others. Don’t waste your efforts trying to convince other people to be like you when you know it will never happen.

Make peace and move on!

Do you want to be right or do you want to be rich? It sounds too simple, but sometimes if you apply that thinking then you will be better off in the long run. Make peace and think about something else. Every battle you fight and win might actually lead to a loss down the road.

Norman Vincent Peale said, “the more you practice thankfulness, the more you will have to be thankful for.” Being grateful in all that you do is powerful.

Just relax. A change of course is possible, but it is as rare as a ruby showing up in your backyard for most people. It is foolish and rash to make a promise before counting the cost. That’s foolish devotion to the cost. When people get too invested in an event or act, it can be hard to reverse course. When you sink money into tickets to a show, love the performer, block the date, invite your buddies, etc. then you are invested and might not feel like you can back out of it. You are not seeing the forest for the trees basically. You still have to decide if you should go or not. Don’t let your ego get you all messed up and twisted.

Be willing to lose the cost and adjust. Take action to get back on track.

Are you basing your decisions on the results that you want? When you start doing that your actions will be the proof.

Gratitude is like lightning or electricity. It has to be used up. Being thankful or grateful is an attitude. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to find out if people are grateful or not!

Be grateful and keep walking. Gratitude is caught and not taught. It happens through association, decisions and behavior. It’s about finding the light of D.A.E. Duplication, Association and Edification.

If two people are walking down a railroad track and they lock hands then they can travel much farther than if they lean away from each other. It’s called teamwork. If you are showing gratitude, the team can get more accomplished. Gratitude is about results. Your actions of gratitude will lead to results.

Get down on your knees and thank God you are still on your feet. Think about how blessed you are? You have so many blessings if you really take a moment and think about it.

The way to keep winning is by continuing to be grateful in all life has given you thus far. More blessings are coming, but you cannot forget all that has been blessed upon you.

Andy always wanted a shot and a chance. He found that shot with The Alliance and he decided that he was going to go for it. You have a shot too. What are you going to do with your shot? Are you going to make progress or sit back and watch what other people do?

What are you going to do in the next 90 days? Will you prove that you want to “DO” and be grateful and thankful as you do it? Will your words and actions line up?

Nov 16, 2016

On this episode of The Wednesday Call live podcast, James Hill and the Lead Performance Team pinch hit as guest hosts for Andy Albright, who was out of town on business.

Get your note pad and pen ready as you learn how the LPT can help your business explode ... right now!

Nov 10, 2016

Andy Albright hosted this episode The Wednesday Call live from The Alliance’s headquarters in Burlington, N.C.

Andy opened the show by letting people know about the last Instant Thunder of the year at the end of November. He also reminded people to purchase National Convention tickets for January’s event in Raleigh, N.C., which is The Alliance’s largest event annually.

Andy explained more about what Seal Team 20 is and how you can join the force now. It really starts in 2017, but The Alliance is forming its roster now so the team is in place before the new year even arrives.

The question today is not can you do it, but will you do it? Why you do it? Recognition, reward and freedom! People were put on earth to help others, by using their God-given talent. Nobody is excluded. This is what we do. We need to do it faster and now!

The Alliance has a proud culture of performance. What we need is to find 33 people who have 10 great people under them with six people under them writing five apps every week! That’s how we can explode.

We have to elevate our performance, inspire others to do, find more good people and help people grow. When you find a person that wants to do it, then you coach them up. We do this through being humble and by showing gratitude. The key is to be committed to leadership and focus.

Peter Drucker said, “Our mission in life should be to make a positive difference, not to prove how smart or right we are.”

If you were given the choice, would you make a difference to others? Eliminate the false positive that are all around us. Who vs. When. I told you so things about being late or missing a show are not good. Don’t be the moral police with people. Encourage them, don’t weigh them down.

We all have choices to make. We can be helpful, hurtful or neutral. We must choose to be helpful. It is about looking inward and keeping your sanity when others around you are losing theirs. Make the effort to make positive growth in your world.

Nov 3, 2016

Andy Albright hosted this week’s Alliance Activity podcast from Nashville, Tenn. where the Country Music Awards are being held. This week, Andy wanted all members of The Alliance to know that he is forming a team he is calling “SEALTeam20” and you are welcome to join up RIGHT NOW!

Through SEALTeam20, Andy Albright and The Alliance is “officially” declaring a war on poverty starting now. James and Jane Hill joined the call, along with Chadwick Ray. The three of them have agreed to accept the Seal Team challenge to set 20 appointments each week, write $20,000 in issued-paid business and hire two new recruits each month.

The best way to succeed at the ST20 challenge is by being more focused and disciplined when you are working so that you get more accomplished in the same amount of time. That means you will eliminate the “piddling” and increase the “Do!” Focus, thinking and determination will be crucial in succeeding at this challenge. The worst enemy of great is just being good.

Andy had several other guests on the call who wanted to let the team know they were committed too.

After you finish this call, be sure to listen to EP35 on the MOVE podcast to learn more about ST20.



Oct 27, 2016

Andy Albright hosted this episode of The Wednesday Call Podcast in front of a live audience inside the Alliance Convention Center in Burlington, N.C.

Do you have a passion in your life? Are you passionate about what you do daily? Do you let your passion help you fulfill your purpose?

How did Andy become successful? When Andy was a little boy he wanted choices, options and to have the freedom to make decisions. Andy hated being broke. Andy was passionate about finding a way to have freedom. Whether it was selling goats or working a J.O.B., Andy was never afraid to go for it and get in the game. The way to keep your passion is by practicing it.

When a person makes the decision to go “all in” on something they really want, they start making things happen. It takes effort, but people that have passion about what they are doing don’t mind the work because they are thinking about the payoff down the road.

When you see what the reward is for being passionate about what you are doing, why wouldn’t you go for it? If you know it is possible, why would you attack your dream with less than 100 percent enthusiasm, excitement, effort and passion? It makes no sense not go for it with everything you have inside you.

The people with the “How To” is always going to work for the person who knows the “Why To.” People with the passion, the why and the desire will always come out on top. You have to have a reason for why you do what you do and it cannot just be about money.

Find a “WHY” that is huge or massive. When you have a bigger why, little things are less likely to stop you. If you hit a setback and your “WHY” is massive, you will keep going. You won’t get distracted. You will press on. You will keep doing. That’s the power of passion.

When you are focused on how far you can go, then you are not stopping at a destination because you think and believe you can do more. You don’t have a set finish line because your “WHY” is too big to think that way.

When you dream is huge, people will think that “setbacks” don’t phase you. That’s not true. It impacts you, but you are too busy doing and moving that you don’t stop to sulk and think about something that isn’t worth your time. This doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt at times, but you have to stay focused on what you want more than a small issue that isn’t as great as your passion and your why.

People with passion practice “amnesia” when it comes to issues, obstacles and setbacks. They forget it and move on. We only have so much time to get things done in this life. Why in the world would you set there and dwell with your bottom lip sticking out? Don’t waste time worrying about something that is done.

Don’t sit, sulk and sour. Do you best and keep moving. Be passionate about what you do. When you make a decision, proceed and don’t stop. Keep going and see how far you can go. Make the decision to be passionate ahead of time and go for it.

Learn to forget what happened in the past and focus on the future. When your “WHY” is big enough, you realize you don’t have time to waste on small stuff.

The Alliance has circumstances, but The Alliance has a big passion and we keep going and doing. The Alliance doesn’t get bogged down in muddy messes. Passion and heart can take you places you can’t even imagine.

If your passion is big enough, you won’t stop. If you passion is small, then when you reach a small goal you will make the mistake of stopping and then you don’t know what to do next. Being over the top passionate is how you get crazy successful.

Not everybody is going to be wildly successful, but some people will and the passion level will play a huge factor in those who win big. Passion is about perseverance. Passion is heart. Passion is fighting through issues. Passion is about not quitting when things aren’t perfect. Passion is staying motivated to keep doing what you believe matters most.

Passion is deep and it keeps you going in all that you do. The key to passion is to keep it by practicing it every single day. When you are able to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep pressing forward when life knocks you down, then you have the passion it takes to be successful in life.

Most of the time passion is caught and not taught. It happens when you are around the right people and you are making great decisions. When the choices you make line up with the passion, then things start happening fast.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a person that has money and can do just about anything in the world they want to do. Why can’t that be you? People like nice stuff and it takes money to obtain things. If you work for it and earn it, what is wrong with being rewarded for it?

Passion is not how high you can jump, it is not about personality, it is not how fast you can run, it is not a feeling, and not a sensation. It is about doing things anyway even when outside forces are trying to hold you back. Let your passion push you to keep going even when you don’t want to. Find your passion and run hard to reach all your goals and dreams.



Oct 20, 2016

On this episode of The Wednesday Call Podcast, James and Jane Hill stepped up to host the show from AMP Studios in Burlington, N.C. while Andy Albright was in Las Vegas for meetings and to host a special HotSpot meeting on Wednesday.

The Hills moved to Burlington, N.C. about three years ago from Annapolis, Md. in an effort to grow their business and to learn from the corporate staff at The Alliance’s headquarters.

James shared a story of a manager who owned a fruit farm. As he inspected his trees he noticed that one particular tree had failed to produce the crop he wanted for a number of years. The manager asked his employee to cut the tree down because he didn’t like the results it was giving him. The employee had an alternative, asking that he be allowed to place fertilizer around the tree to help it grow better next season. The manager agreed. Sure enough, that tree produced better results the next season!

You have to give a tree time to develop, mature and grow. You can’t pick fruit from a tree that isn’t properly cared for. It’s the same way in business and when you work with people. You have to do your part to get the tree growing. Failure turns into fertilizer when done properly.

James and Jane learned in the last three years that they had to change some of the things they were doing before moving to Burlington, N.C. It didn’t happen overnight, but you can follow their example and get the same results they have enjoyed.

Don’t use your environment as an excuse. The employee could have let his manager use the excuse for the tree not producing fruit, but he was smart enough to offer a solution rather than an excuse. For every reason you give, you can also share an example as to how it can work.

Practice not letting your past, your environment, etc. as an excuse for why you are not where you want to be. Speak the following words out loud: I will not excuse my growth by blaming my environment.

Stop wasting energy and resources on things that do not help you reach your goal.

If you have a garden alone, what grows? Weeds. What do weeds do? They choke out other stuff.

Practice saying the following: I’m going to do what it takes, NOT what I think it should take!

The problem appeared at the level of the leaves, but the problem was caused by the level of the roots. There is a connection between our motives and our manifestations. Don’t take your anger out on the leaves when the problem is in the roots.

Oct 12, 2016

Do you have a Millionaire Mindset as you start and close out each day?

Andy Albright brings you a brand new podcast of The Wednesday Call live from AMP Studios at The Alliance’s headquarters in Burlington, N.C. to cover that question. Learn how you can make the decision to be successful.

Andy opened the episode by giving people an update on everything happening at The Alliance. He announced a new contest for a trip to Cancun that will run for the rest of 2016. Winners will spend four days in Cancun in April of 2017.

There will be two Instant Thunder events at the corporate office on Oct. 26-28 and Nov. 30-Dec. 2. You can sign up for these events by visiting These events always sell out so get your spot locked in today.

The Alliance’s National Convention will be held Jan. 19-22, 2017 in Raleigh, N.C. Tickets to this event are available now at

The Millionaire Mindset is a choice. It is driven by luck, circumstances or advantages. It is a choice. Even if you start out with assets or an edge, that doesn’t guarantee success. It takes work, it takes effort and it takes consistency. It is a choice every single day. It takes thought, mindset, making a decision and doing the activity it takes to make it happen.

The Alliance has a system in place that gives you an advantage, but you have to take advantage of the resources or it won’t happen for you. Taking advantage of the advantages The Alliance has cultivated since 2002. It is a choice and it is up to you to decide to have the right mindset to be successful. If you live in America, there is no reason in the world that you can’t become a millionaire. It happens for somebody every day.

When you visit The Alliance headquarters, do you take advantage of everything there is to offer while you are here? If you come to an Instant Thunder event, make the most of your time at the home office. Use your time to associate with people who are like-minded.

On October 6, 2016, Andy Albright decided he was going to get rich. He decided so strongly that he put a reminder on his calendar for every day at 6 a.m. and at 8 p.m. He did this so that every single day he would stay committed to being successful. Have you made the decision to be successful? Do you need a daily reminder? Put it on your calendar and remind yourself every single day. It is a choice. You get to decide what you do and where you go each day. It makes a difference.

Revenue and Structure when it comes to mindset

How many people do you have helping other people? How many people are you helping? Do you always find ways to get referrals or find annuities? Are you teaching your team to do the same thing? Are you using MC Backup and CallFire?

How does your revenue and infrastructure look? Do people copy you in a positive way? The choices you make today will impact your life moving forward. It is about choices and perspective. The choices you make and the actions you take are what take you to where you are in life.

Here’s another ideal that people don’t always think about: when you reach one mountain top there is a bigger mountain out there for you to climb. Now, you can sit on one mountain top and that is as high as you will be forever. If you believe there is more out there, you have to chase a bigger mountain top.   

You only have so much time to decide what mountains you are going to climb. You have to decide today what mountain you want to climb. It is OK if you don’t pick the biggest mountain, but you need to pick a mountain and start trying to reach the top of it. When you tackle that hike, you can find a bigger hill to climb. The key is to start moving toward the top NOW.

It is all about choices! Forget the ordinary and start seeking the extraordinary.

How to win?

The principles of winning are the same, but the process is different. When you figure that out, nothing else matters. When you do the basics over and over, you get better. When you get to a point where it becomes habit and second nature to you, the winning gets crazy. When you are used to winning and doing, the championships start coming to you. When you are outscoring your opponents, you can’t lose. Again, it is choices.

3 Things People have to remember:



Bring Somebody With You

Do you want to do it? You “want to” is a sign of your belief level, which is a sign of your ability to do something. If you don’t do it, then that means you don’t want to do it. According to what people want, you can determine what they believe and you can help them.

If you want to get in shape, then you are going to work out. You might not get the results you want immediately, but if you put in the work then you will eventually get the results you seek. Now, if you go to the gym and stand around then you won’t get in shape. We’ve all seen the gym rat that goes there to talk and not work out. He doesn’t get the results like those who “Do the Do.” Making the decision to change is part of how you get results.

If you want to get better, then you are going to have to decide what you are willing to change. If you know the prescription to be successful and don’t follow it, then you shouldn’t expect the results that are not realistic until you make positive changes.

If you aren’t getting the results you want, you better change something.

It really boils down to this: What do I want, Who do I ask and find out How, Schedule it and Do it!

When you decide what you want, you have to figure out how to get it. You need to talk to people who have done it bigger and better than you and ask them questions. Then, you have to schedule times to work toward what you want. Lastly, you have to do!

We all make choices. The choices we make now will take us to where we are in 15 years. We have to make choices faster now so that we can get more done.

The Alliance is fighting for the victory with a solid plan of attack. No person can do it alone. It is a team effort and a systematic plan for how to win. When we can hear it and understand it, we are going to be more successful. The more difficult the situation is, the more miraculous the miracle looks when the win happens.

Can you move from the “Do” to the “Are.” In other words, when you are the “Are” you doing everything you want to and nothing can stop you from your dreams and goals. If you want to become something badly enough, you will be an “Are” person.

We all deal with choices, voices and who we will help in life.

If your doctor tells you that you are sick, but that you can get better what would you do? If you do exactly what the doctor says, everything will be fine. If you don’t follow their orders, it could be very bad. What would you do?

You are probably going to listen to the doctor because it could be life or death. Now, you might be OK for a little while, but why wouldn’t you want to get 100 percent healthy by listening to the doctor? It doesn’t make any sense. People are crazy about stuff.

Find people that want to be better and spend your time helping them. Those are the people that will do what is needed to be successful. The Alliance isn’t looking for perfect people because that’s not how it works. We are looking for people that need help and don’t know it all because those are the success stories that The Alliance was built upon.

How bad do you want it? What are you willing to do or give up to get something greater down the road? What do you want?

Get the Millionaire Mindset it takes to be successful. It can happen if you make the decision. Don’t let you ego get in the way of what it out there for you. Do be that person that knows more than everybody else. It is hard to help those people.

An ego can limit or stop your income, relationships, etc. Remember that you can’t do it all alone. You need a team to perform for and to perform with. Find people like you that are ready to “Do the Do.” When you are able to bring people with you on the journey is huge. Being the example is visual and part of that visual is bringing people along for the ride. People are watching you and leadership is visual. Set the example for others. B.S.W.Y. – Bring Somebody With You!

You will be rewarded ultimately by how many people you brought and helped in your life. What you do on Earth matters. The Alliance is looking for people who want to change and change fast.

Work hard to develop a millionaire mindset. When you think, believe it and start working on it, it will happen faster for you!

Oct 5, 2016

Kyle Keator and Terry Edwards stepped in as special guest hosts for this week’s episode of The Wednesday Call Podcast live from AMP Studios at The Alliance’s headquarters in Burlington, N.C.

Keator and Edwards shared their background and how they ultimately found The Alliance. Next, they covered the How and Why of The Alliance. Once that is clear, the magic is in being intentional and getting things done. The “Why” is what makes you leap for joy, makes you sing and get moving. There is power in doing what you love. Now, the purpose of life is not to just be happy, but rather to be useful in your lifetime.

What do you dream about? What if you could do that for the rest of your life? How would your life be different if you focused strictly on that? What if you started today and kept working every single day toward your goals and dreams? Start where you are today and get moving.

Keep your daily routine simple. Focus on the tasks that need to be done now … right now.

Life is about adding value to other people. When it is said and done, people will remember you for what you did for others and less about what you did for yourself. Never forget that. If you reap joy for others you are going to sow joy. If you reap faith, you have sown faith. It is the law of reciprocity.

People know if you are genuine or fake. You can’t trick people when it comes to what we do. We have to have a client’s best interest at heart when we go inside a home.

Make more deposits than you make transactions. Keep giving back in all you do.

Add value, contribute and be ready to perform when the time comes. If you work all week and don’t get to play, then you are not going to be happy. Put in the work so that you can play!

Don’t judge people, but judge the fruit on the tree. Keep practicing the activity that yields results. When you perform at a high level, remember what you did that worked.

Seek out feedback from people who are where you want to be in life and ask great questions. They will help you more than you realize. Don’t just talk about what you are going to do, start doing it.

Sep 28, 2016

Andy Albright delivered another episode of The Wednesday Call live from The Alliance’s headquarters in Burlington, N.C. in front of a live studio audience in AMP Studios.

Andy shared the fable of the fox and the grapes. When the fox realized it was going to be hard to reach the grapes, he gave up and said those grapes are not good. The fox said they are sour and there’s no point in reaching for them. There are many people who "pretend" to despise and belittle things that are beyond their reach.

Winning is important. You play to win if you strive for excellence. Andy wanted to share where to win, why you win and how to win.

How, when and why do people win?

Do you have the heart to win or do you just want to wear the jersey and be on the team? Champions don’t desire mediocrity. They want excellence and to win big league.

When you are focused on winning, you have to make choices. Every day you have choices. You get to decide what you do and what you do not do. We all have voices and choices in our heads. What we listen to determines the actions we make and take. When we make the wrong decisions, life is hard. When we listen and make great decisions, life is good!

When you are working with your team, you can quickly figure out which people want to win based on their activity. Are they doing some, most or all of Andy’s 8 Steps? Finding that out will help you identify what people to spend the most time around.

Do you really want to win? Your actions will prove it. What you do when nobody is watching determines how serious you are about winning. Winners will go the extra mile and not question why they are doing it. They will sneak work in around their social calendar. They do the things that others are not willing to do. They also do it consistently.

58:00: Do you hate losing or love winning more? Most people know which category they fall into. Do you hate where you are now? What are you doing to change your direction? The more you win, the more you can change circumstances and situations.

The higher you reach in life the better view you have of the landscape around you. You see the world differently than ever before. Your perspective changes and you grow.

When you dream is bigger than your problems, then you will be successful. You become what you think about most. Your thoughts will influence your choices and decisions. It is all part of the progression in what actions you take or do not take.

72:00: A leader’s job is to manage the present while we build the future. When you think in those terms then you are on track for success. We all have problems and how we react to those issues determines where we are headed. Don’t let the small stuff hamper your direction and goals.

When you get the WHY right before you worry about the HOW then you will be rewarded in a big way. When you get that right and decide that you are going to move up, then you will be successful.   

Sep 22, 2016

Andy Albright hosted this week’s The Wednesday Call Podcast live from the Alliance Convention Center in Burlington, N.C. in advance of a sold-out Instant Thunder event.

The Elite Ladies of The Alliance were recognized during the show. This special group of ladies was invited to spend two nights at the Albright Leadership Cabin this week to reward them for their hard work.

40:00: Denny Southern from American Equity made a guest appearance on the show and talked about the relationship between The Alliance and American Equity.

Andy explained to listeners that you can get what you want by thinking beyond the immediate and focusing on the future NOW. The way to overcome is to get to the future and something bigger faster. Call it right now or NOW.

What happens if we take "waiting" out of work? Waiting is weight. It's heavy. It's hard, long and painful.

How to get from where you are to where you want to be? Get the "wait" off you!

What are you waiting on?

Who you waiting on?

The perfect time?

Somebody else to do it?

Why wait?

Keep waiting and somebody else is going to beat you to where you think you should be.

What does waiting cost? Everybody is dealing with this. Get going, get busy, start doing!

Leaders create action. They find things worth fighting for. What do you want?

It is amazing what can get your attention in the wait game. When you wait, you breed more wait.

Action, on the other hand, breeds more action. Love breeds love. That's how it works. The Law of Sowing and Reaping. Andy doesn't like waiting because it hurts self-worth and esteem.

"Waiters" have bad self-esteem and question their worth. They often have a low opinion of themselves.

Their is power in numbers and people who believe. Believers win and they win a lot.

Sep 15, 2016

Andy Albright was back in Burlington, N.C. fresh off a trip to Las Vegas, Nev., where he met with executives from Columbian Financial Group for a couple days. Andy took a Red Eye flight home just to make sure that he would live and in person for this week's Podcast of The Wednesday Call.

We all don’t know everything going on in a person’s life. We don’t know what a person is dealing with. There are always “uncertainties” in life. The question is how much are you going to do in the face of adversity and uncertainty? People get frozen when they really should lead through calamity and chaos. You can’t let circumstances stop you from doing things you know are important.

You don’t know what is going to happen from day to day. You don’t know when something is going to change. True leaders keep proceeding even when things look dark and bleak. They don’t stop because something happened halfway around the country or even in their hometown. Leaders keep doing. They don’t quit. They keep moving. They keep going.

Pretty much the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. When things get rough, do you do stuff anyway? How do you proceed?

The Idol of Certainty

A lot of people love worshiping the Idol of Certainty. They know what is going to happen each day pretty much to the minute in their minds. Set pay. Set hours. Set lunch. Set day and time to watch television. They love it.

You can do better than that.

Some people do change, but only when they want to change. Some stop bad habits, grow and become successful. Some people are killing it and then stop for no apparent reason. Maybe they reach an income level and get “fat and happy.” What they should realize is they can do more and make more. Andy encouraged people to stop doing bad things that hold you back. People who keep evolving and changing are going to get more done. 

Show your team by taking action

The Alliance is looking for people who want to be on a winning team and back it up with action. The true teammates are those that don’t flinch in the face of adversity. They think more about how far they can go and not when they will reach a given destination. You know this because you can see what they do, who they hang out with and where they are headed.

37:00: What to do next?

People want to know what to do next. It sounds simple, but most people don’t know what to do next. Figuring out what to do next can change your life. Andy’s watch has two hands on it. The small one stands for NOW. The bigger one stands for RIGHT NOW. Those are the ways Andy approaches scheduling his time and reminding himself his time is the most precious commodity he possesses. When you know exactly what you need to do next then it seems like you are more efficient than most of the world. Know what is next and taking action on it is what separates good people and great people. When you keep MOVEing, you get more done faster! It’s called getting things done.

40:00: How to get the best out of people?

How to overcome helplessness? How to overcome junk?

When people take a situation and make it personal, permanent and pervasive it’s not good. Do you think negative thoughts when you do something wrong? Maybe you said something wrong, forgot something or whatever.

Have you ever heard a person say, “What’s wrong with me? Why do I always mess things up everything? Why do I always cause problems?” This is permanent thinking and it is not good.

You have to work hard to stop thinking this way because it is defeating behavior. If you eliminate words like always, never, everything, every time then life will be better for you because you are decreasing the chances that something permanent will happen the next time you are doing something. Choose your words wisely.

When your cable company keeps you on hold, you get angry. When you get angry, accidents happen. When accidents happen, you end up at the hospital or in a ditch hurt. Don’t get angry!

If you can stop and think when something happens, then you can reduce the chances of getting angry.

Do you ever say, “I am such an idiot, moron, dummy, etc?” The next time you mess up, tell yourself it is only one mistake. That’s the reality. When you treat mistakes and losses like it is life or death, then you are going to die a lot in life.

Don’t let one mistake define and stop you from moving on to the next opportunity.

55:00: Condemnation

Don’t let one mistake allow your mindset to be forever changed. You can make up for a mistake by doing better the next time. Maybe you can plan it better the next time.

Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor. You are not perfect, please proceed and keep doing! Don’t ever let perfection stop you from trying to succeed. Be convicted to do better even if you think things are a disaster at that moment.

58:00: Permanent, Personal and Pervasive

When you make a mistake, you take responsibility for it, but you also act with conviction that you will get better and improve. Don’t worry about the speck in somebody else’s eye when you have a log in your own eye. Don’t use a magnifying glass to point out shortcomings of others and focus on enlarging your areas that need improvement.

Don’t ever let a mistake define you and limit what happens in the future. Stop looking in the rearview mirror and watch the road or you are gonna cause a bad wreck! Keep looking forward.

60:00: Starting over after a mistake is critical to your future success.

When you make a mistake you can start over. Maybe you don’t want to cuss and you are trying to quit it. Maybe you go a month without cussing and you slip up because your dog chewed up something you really like. You say a cuss word. OK, that’s done now. Start a new streak of not cussing. You are human. Move on and try to do better from here on out.

Condemnation will hold you down forever. Conviction says you can change forever tomorrow. Own your mistakes and know you have the opportunity to move past it and do better from now on. If you treat every mistake as a permanent event then you will

65:00: YOU determine what you are going to do.

Mistakes can be corrected and fixed. You can fix them slow or faster. It is up to you. You can change anything you want to if you are willing to do what it takes to improve your circumstances. You are not tied down. You do have free will. You can’t take a situation and make it personal, permanent and pervasive. You can let other people help you by positive peeer pressure. Find ways to help yourself realize that you can’t change something and that it will always be the same way.

Think more about what can be instead of what was in the past. Optimism is powerful.

72:00: We are all one decision away from changing where we are right now.

We shouldn’t judge people because of one mistake. We should rate them based on action. Don’t let your imagination hold you back, but rather let your imagination push you forward. What you believe matters. What do you believe and what matters? Don’t wish for it and expect it to happen. Be willing to go out and make it happen.

76:00: Are you giving others your best?

When you look in the mirror do you see yourself and know that you are giving everything your best? This mirror concept can change your thinking and your life. If you don’t know you are giving your best, then you can improve. Do your best. If others see that you are giving your best to people around you then they will do the same. They will do their best because they don’t want to let you down.

80:00: Love beats everything including fear and doubt

Love will beat everything. It will fight off depression. It will make you do things you never though you would do before. It will help you overcome any obstacle in this world. When you figure out what your purpose on this Earth is then you can use love to do amazing things that make the world better.

Don’t let condemnation and stagnancy kill you. Put down the doubt, live with uncertainty, know you are not perfect and be convicted in all that you do. Don’t be perfect, that won’t work. Keep trying until you make a mistake.

83:00: Here’s what will work: Believe that tomorrow will be better and we each will be better. We are not going to be crushed by anything around us and we are not going to look down at people who are not on our level either. Know what your capacity is and get going. Work until you reach your best in all you do.

Don’t make it personal, permanent and pervasive!

Sep 7, 2016

Andy Albright hosted this week’s episode of The Wednesday Call live from the Chateau Elan NICE conference room in Braselton, Ga. where members of The Alliance were meeting with John C. Maxwell earlier this week.

Andy explained that Maxwell wants to make an impact on as many lives as possible and help more people in life. Those ideals line up with Andy’s and that was why it was so important for him to get members of The Alliance around Maxwell this week.

There are five things that Maxwell has executed regularly to reach the success level he is at today.

First, he made a commitment to personal growth.

When you learn that you need to bet on yourself, then your life will improve. Both Albright and Maxwell believe in this, and back it up by attending seminars and conferences all over the world. You have to do whatever it takes to get around people who are where you want to be in life. If you don’t bet on yourself, then why would anybody else bet on you?

When you bet on yourself, then people around you are more likely to bet on you too. Betting on yourself is about personal growth and it is how you start winning.  

It is not how long it takes you to get somewhere, it is about how far you can go. That is how you make a commitment to personal growth. That means you are reading every single day, listening to audios and attending your meetings. Stagnant people don’t grow. There isn’t a finish line when it comes to growing in life. Don’t suffer from destination disease. Your potential is unlimited.

The second step in Andy’s success was finding good people and building a strong team. It didn’t get built overnight and there are various stages to putting together a team. You have to lead people individually. You need to work on your awareness level when it comes to other people You have to lead the way people need to be led and not the way you want to lead them. What if you train somebody and they die? What if you train them and they stay around? Andy has put together quality staff around him to help run his life and work with him to be successful.

The third step is finding your gift in life.

What is required of you? What gets you the biggest return on your time and effort? What gets you your biggest reward?

The fourth thing is staying consistent and learning what consistency involves.

Consistency is the most underused word in our language. It teaches you what to say and consistency compounds. Consistency puts pressure on the world to conform.

The fifth way to become successful is knowing the value of resources. What are you willing to pay financially to get the resources you know will help you move up in life? When you are willing to invest in resources, you have a better chance of being successful.

Andy added a sixth bonus item that Maxwell uses to keep improving and that is intentional living. Every minute of every day you have to be certain of where you are headed and what you are doing. When you are that focused you will be more successful.

Sep 1, 2016

Andy Albright delivered a live edition of The Wednesday Call Podcast from AMP Studios at the headquarters of The Alliance in Burlington, N.C. to talk about motivation and how you consistently stay motivated in all you do.

Andy promoted upcoming Instant Thunder events coming up in September, October and November at the corporate office. Tickets are also available for NatCon17 in Raleigh, N.C. and you can learn more about all upcoming events by visiting

Andy shared the story of how he felt watching his parents when he was a little boy. He never understood why they didn’t strive for more than just being happy with what they had. Andy asked the audience this question: How are you staying motivated?

Things can happen that make you demotivated. When those events happen, you have to “coach” yourself into staying motivated to get over the hurdle in front of you.

People who find ways to stay motivated are more successful than those who get stuck because they get more things done. Motivated people gets tasks done faster too.

What is the secret of being motivated and/or staying motivated?

How to motivate?

How to raise expectancy?

How to MOVE the MARGIN of profitability up?

Aug 25, 2016

On this episode of The Wednesday Call, Andy Albright hosts the podcast live from the Alliance Convention Center in advance of an Instant Thunder event in Burlington, N.C. Get your notepad and pen as Andy explains 3 ways to step up your personal growth and help others do the same!

The first step is to move your thinking from “me to we.” You work hard, but you need to let other people talk about you. You don’t need to be the one talking about yourself. Don’t take credit for what other people are doing. In the long run this is a bad idea. Zig Ziglar famously said if you help enough other people get what they want then you will get what you want. Don’t suffer from the disease of “I.” Nobody wants to hear you talk about yourself all the time. Think about the team first and copy the people doing the right things. Think about your thinking. Make sure you are thinking correctly and positively.

The second way is to realize that growth is a choice. Do you listen to great audios? Do you read great books? Harry S. Truman said that not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers. If you have a behavior that is ingrained in your mind and you realize it isn’t right then work to change your thinking. If you are wrong, don’t make it worse because you think you know something is a fact. Stop doing that. Humble yourself and be willing to accept your thinking could be wrong. Be a person who is willing to grow and change, and also be willing to help others do the same thing. When an entire team does this, then an explosion is coming soon. Who you are five years from now will be determined by who you associate with now. Be careful who you allow to talk to you because it is contagious. Staying positive is a choice. Keep finding ways to put yourself in positive environments and situations. When you do that you are more likely to change for the better. How would you rate yourself in terms of listening to audios, reading books, attending meetings, etc.?

The greatest joy of life is to help others. Do you go to meetings and serve others? It is about doing things to completion not just competing. Serve others and serve the team. Be the person that believes in other people and puts the spotlight on others. Start caring more about people than business. Don’t make everything transactional. Find ways to inspire other people to want more and to be better people. It’s a privilege to host a meeting. It’s a privilege to meet and talk to people. If the work you do is out of love then how can anybody ever judge you for that? Be a “Helping-People-aholic!” Go out of your way to have fun with people, but help them with their goals and dreams too. Be willing to see a person doing dumb stuff and help them stop doing it. It will bring you great joy. It is like watching a child learning to crawl and eventually walk. They struggle at first, but they keep trying until they get it. There is no prouder moment for a parent than watching a child learn and improve in all they do.

Personal growth is big. Helping others is big. Leaving a legacy is huge! Putting the spotlight on others first is the first step in leaving that legacy. We don’t want you to live a great life. We want you to live a greater life. It isn’t about toys and stuff you acquire. It is about helping others. When that is your mission, then little roadblocks don’t stop you. Don’t just talk about doing great things, actually take action and do! That’s when you reach the point that nothing stops you from your goals and dreams.

People will follow a person who puts the team first, practices personal growth and believes in serving others consistently. When you heart and your head are in proper alignment, then you are on the path to success. You will be rewarded. When you see people in pain or letting limitations hold them back from reaching their potential, make it your mission to help them get through it and be all they can be. Seek people out and help them see the positive and the potential that God has gifted them with. If you are breathing, then you should be thankful. You are blessed and should appreciate that. If you are breathing, then you have a shot.

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Aug 17, 2016

Andy Albright hosted his first The Wednesday Call Podcast since returning from a trip to Africa live from AMP Studios in Burlington, N.C. at The Alliance headquarters.

Andy’s son, Spencer was a guest on the show and the father and son shared some of their experiences from South Africa. Andy said it was a dream come true to take this trip with his son and said he will never forget the time they spent together.

What do you dream of doing? Is your dream big enough? What do you want to do in life?

Before you can even think about achieving, you have to start believing. Then, you have to believe some more. When your belief level gets to the right point, then you can start doing.

When you understand what it out there for you and what is available to you, then there is less of a chance that little things will stop you or prevent you from doing what you want to do.

Don’t let the storm outside the boat get inside the boat! That stuff can’t hurt you if it isn’t in your boat. Don’t think that it can.

Our greatest growth in the next 10 years will come from people we attract in the next six months. The people we find in the next six months will determine where we are in 10 years.

The power of influence is this: you are going to be like those who you spend the most time around. The 1929 version of Webster’s dictionary includes words that are entirely Biblically based. The words in that version are powerful.

What do you want? Who are you listening to? What are you reading? Who is coaching you? Who is teaching you? Who is influencing your thinking?

The answers to those questions will explain why you are where you are in life. It’s simple, but you have to answer those questions to understand where you are in life.

There are seven things you need to look for in a mentor and model.

Are you around people that have impeccable character? People that do the right thing because it is the right thing. The situation doesn’t matter, because people with great character act in the same manner all the time. What do these people do when nobody is watching? That’s how you know if they have the right character. When the going gets tough, people with character keep doing the right thing. High character people don’t stray from their compass.

People who persevere through struggles and difficult times will be rewarded. These people do the right things even when it is hard.

We all need a mentor who is humble, but also is willing to make corrections and changes. We don’t need a person who is adamant and arrogant. We can be humble and change.

Mutual affection is about how we treat people. It comes with loving on people. It is about caring for others and serving them.

Love is the mark of maturity. Serving others is a privilege and an honor. It’s an opportunity that you must take. There is great reward in serving others. 

Talent can help you become successful, but character will keep you on top. It’s not all about talent. We can’t find mentorship in people who are self-centered and arrogant.

You have a choice to do all these things. The better choices you make, the better decisions you will make and the better off you will be. This is not actually about you finding a mentor, but rather it is about YOU becoming a mentor. You become the pattern of how other people should act and behave.

Galatians 5:22 states that “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control."

When you are successful, you have to keep doing what you did to get that success. You can’t slip because your level of success will drop. Keep doing what you know you need to do.

It’s about who you pick to be a mentor and how you treat them. People will fight to get around you if you have strong character and stay humble. When you face an obstacle and overcome it, you will be rewarded. Stay the course. Keep working through challenges.

Work hard to earn the rewards and then figure out how to share the rewards. Learn to lead. Learn to set the example. Iron sharpens iron and people sharpen people.

There are three main things that will make you successful. You have got to believe in the work you are doing, you have to believe in what the company stands for and you have to believe in yourself and others. That’s what makes companies successful.  

10:00: Dreams

56:00: the Power of Character and actions lead to rewards

70:00: Choices and decisions

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Insta: AndySAlbright

Aug 10, 2016

Get your notepad and pen ready because this episode of The Wednesday Call will be filled with laughter and learning with your special guest host Stephen Davies.

Davies stood in for Andy Albright on this week’s The Wednesday Call podcast while Andy was on a safari trip with his son in Africa. Davies, who lives in Asheville, N.C., is a regular guest host for the show and he never disappoints with his unique brand of humor, wit and insight.

The Alliance wants people to enjoy the freedom of being able to make choices because you are at a point financially where you get to choose what you do and where you go every single day. Davies encouraged members of The Alliance to build a big business so that you can slide away for a trip with family whenever you want to. He just did that with his family last week, when they went to Mexico for an end-of-summer vacation with his wife and two children.

Money is easy to make, but memories are not as easy. If you work hard, recruit people to help you and be nice to people, then you can make the income it takes to go and do whatever you want.

What gets people stuck in the mud of life? Why do some people give up and live another 40 years just going through the motions. Why do they give up on their dreams and goals when they have so much left to do?

Davies told the listeners that there are three main things that get people frozen in life.

Don’t take things personal. When you “personalize it,” nothing good can come out of it. When you take something personally, you get down on yourself and think bad thoughts. Most of the time what you are dealing with has nothing to do with you, so why would you make it personal? If something negative is going on, don’t take it personal. It is not about you. We can always get better at different things, but the bad stuff isn’t about you and it isn’t personal.

Don’t make things pervasive. There are nights when you don’t close with a client that you should, but that mean there is some infinite flaw with you. Eliminate saying things like always, never and all. Don’t let one experience define your life.

Along those lines, don’t let anything be permanent. When you have a bad experience, make it a point to correct and improve instead of saying, “well, that’s how it will be from now on.” No!

When you let things be personal, pervasive and permanent then you are in trouble. It’s hard to get out of that funk because you have headed down a slippery slope. Life might seem foggy. You might be in a funk. Here’s the good news: YOU can get out of it with enthusiasm and effort. You are the reason you are in the bad spot and you can fix it as easily as you ended up in the hole you think you are in.

Here’s who you fix things.

You are in control. When you know that, life is easier. You can control your attitude, your activity, your outlook, your smile, the people you spend time with, etc. Make a list and get serious about changing what you are doing to make things better. The faster or sooner you can do this the sooner things will get better.

Controlling your actions is critical to changing your situation. Get specific about exactly what you can change and control so that you get better. The best way to get out of a mud puddle is to start moving. Figure out what direction you need to go in and start taking steps. You can control everything you do. Reading the right material, listening to audios and talking to the right people are all things you can control. Be very specific about it and take action!

Learn to celebrate even the smallest victories to build the momentum to make giant changes down the road. It starts with small things and it all adds up. Don’t make the mistake of watching the scoreboard all the time. Do be aware of the activity and level of your actions. Don’t let numbers affect you in a negative way.

The next step in getting out of a mud puddle is making a list of thoughts you will never think again. Make a list on paper and commit to it. Set a time limit to do this, but get it all down on paper. Once you have your list, you are going to work to debunk the entire list one item at a time. You are capable of so much more than you realize. It will blow your mind. Commit to never thinking the thoughts on your list.

People performing at a high level are thinking differently than those who are less successful. When you are thinking the right thoughts, you are going to perform better.  

The fourth thing to focus on is your vocabulary and having definiteness to what you are saying. Do you need to change your talk? Use words like I am, I will, I do, etc. Hope is not a strategy. Hope talk doesn’t get you out of a mud puddle.  

Are you around the right people? You have to build relationships and be part of a community that is positive. Get to know people before you need them. Create something special that impacts you in positive ways. Serve others and you will be rewarded.

The next thing you need to focus on is reflection. Make a victory log that you can refer to when you need a positive reinforcement to help you stay on track. These wins can be small, medium or huge. It all matters. Keep building your victory log over time. No victory is too small to celebrate.

When you are helping serve others then you are not likely to be thinking about the bad stuff. Focusing on serving and helping others is huge. The more you can do that the better off you will be even if you can’t see it at the time.

When you are serving others, you are going to create results. It will help fill your confidence bucket up. Your whole outlook on everything will be drastically improved.  Don’t just serve others when it is convenient. Do it all the time because it is the right thing to do. Serving others is a choice and it will give you more energy and enthusiasm in all that you do.

You will have more gratitude when you help others. You will gain new perspectives that will broaden your view of life and the world around you. Serving others will also give you more experiences and help you better understand situations and opportunities that you might have missed otherwise.

We are all going to deal with challenges and struggles, but if you can keep your mind right then you will be able to navigate the mud puddles in life faster and easier than if you get bogged down by what you are facing.

Aug 3, 2016

Welcome to another jam-packed episode of Andy Albright's The Wednesday Call, a podcast that delivers 90 minutes of info you can use to grow and improve in your life and business. Settle in with a notepad and pen to take notes as we deliver Episode 25 of this podcast!

Chadwick Ray and Adam Katz stepped in to guest host this week’s The Wednesday Call podcast from AMP Studios in Burlington, N.C. at The Alliance’s corporate headquarters, while Andy Albright was traveling outside of the United States.

Chadwick and Adam opened the pod by talking about The Alliance Playbook and how it shapes and determines what they do with their teams and business. The Playbook is a guide that explains what The Alliance believes in and values.

The Alliance believes in Prosperity, Inspiration and Eternity.

Inspiration was a big topic during the show and Chadwick and Adam explained how they have been inspired by The Alliance and how they continue finding new inspiration based on where they are now compared to where they were when they started with the company. Their dreams and goals have grown and changed, but the constant has been the inspiration provided by members of The Alliance.

Next, the guest duo covered what “eternity” means in The Alliance. Adam and Chadwick talked about the importance of leaving a legacy for others to follow and being honest and open about what we think “eternity” means long after we leave this Earth. Eternity is part of the “P.I.E.” that The Alliance includes in the playbook. We are more focused on the mission than the commission because we know that if your heart is in the right place, the commissions will come.

Relationships are a huge part of being a member of The Alliance. Without relationships, what is the point? We want to be around people who like people. We want to be around people who like helping people. It is a big family.

Chadwick and Adam shared personal stories of taking trips with The Alliance and how it changed the way they viewed the world. Both men said they have grown tremendously since joining The Alliance, and believe they owe it to Andy and Jane Albright to keep growing and help other people succeed in business. The stories and experiences are part of building strong relationships with people before they ever needed them as friends. Eventually, the people in your life will be there to help you when you need it most. The key is to get to know people and establish a relationship before you need something from a person.

The Alliance has 8 Core Values and Adam and Chadwick discussed each of those values and explained a little bit about what they mean to them and to our company. Excellence, Service, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Compassion, Community and Gratitude are the 8 values of The Alliance. If you haven’t seen The Alliance playbook, make sure to ask your upline or agency manager to go over it with you.

The values of The Alliance are all equally important. We believe that it is important to follow all of them and take them seriously. We understand that nobody is perfect and mistakes will happen, but we strive to operate by our values every single day.

Jul 27, 2016

#LeadCon16 at The Alliance's headquarters in Burlington, N.C. was "off the chain, crazy good!" If you were there, you know that already! If you weren't, that's OK.

Andy Albright wanted to talk to those who were and were not at #LeadCon16 during this episode of The Wednesday Call titled, "What do I do now?"

Coming out of LeadCon, Andy wanted to fan the flames and keep you excited and energized to finish the MISSION we are in 2016 in a big way. Get “cray, cray” and win a trip to the Mediterranean while you are making money too! Check out the trip details by visiting Make sure you are on track to win this trip The Alliance is taking in 2017.

How often do you do things? How often do you read, listen to audio, call people, text people, etc.? The answer is simple: as often as needed! Don’t do it too much, but don’t think about it too much. Do it as often as needed … don’t wait until it is too late!

We all need a connection that fuels, that builds self-control, that builds ownership and responsibility, that makes learning and failure safe and that empowers small, "get better steps!"


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Twitter: @AndySAlbright

Jul 21, 2016

When Andy was growing up, he dreamed of figuring out how to live like people he saw on television traveling the world, driving nice cars and living in a big house. Perhaps even more important, he wanted to have the freedom to decide what he was going to do with his time. All he wanted was a shot at that.

After graduating from North Carolina State University, he realized that maybe his dream wasn’t reasonable in the textile industry. He was looking for a way to change that likelihood and he found it through insurance and The Alliance. It didn’t happen overnight, but he tried all kinds of jobs and businesses before he found the answer. Andy kept asking questions of people who were more successful than he was and he learned how to listen and hear what those people were telling him. Andy learned that you had to work hard and give up “stuff” to live the life he wanted. That meant skipping TV shows, ball games, cookouts, etc.

If America had more people that thought about “WE the people” and less that thought about what makes us different than we would be more “UNITED.” There is more power in being united than there is in being divisive. When a group of people gets tight and united, there isn’t a whole lot they can’t accomplish. Patient people that welcome other people to join our team are critical to The Alliance being successful. We have plenty of room for more people to join us. Our job is to find people that want a shot. Our doors are open to people from all walks of life. We are going to be nice to everybody.

At every level in every profession, people make decisions. They also get to decide what they do with their time when they get home in the evening. Some people take it easy and watch TV. Others roll up their sleeves and keep working on their dream. People that move consistently make more things happen. People that chase something with 100 percent effort are more likely to reach their goals than a person that isn’t committed to it with maximum effort.

Jul 14, 2016

Andy Albright was back in Burlington, N.C. to host The Wednesday Call live from AMP Studios at The Alliance headquarters.

In life, when you send a bucket down a well what comes back up is what is in the bottom of the well. Is your bucket coming up full of water or is it empty? Your heart and your head are what you put in the well. Your head and heart are impacted by what you listen to, what you read and who you are hanging around.

What are you putting in your heart? Are you being positive? When you are joking in a negative way you are actually being negative. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t mean it and you were being sarcastic. It isn’t helpful. You cannot engage in that behavior and still think you are being positive.

Here’s the great news: you can change what you put in your well. You can do it every single day. You can change what goes in and what comes up. Maybe you are tired. Maybe you are not focused. Maybe you had too much to drink. Work hard to bite your tongue and keep negative thoughts and comments away!

A speck of sand in your eye is not a good thing. However, a speck of sand in an oyster can create a beautiful pearl. How can it be that the same speck can be so bad and so great at the same time? It happens. The Alliance has some sand too. We are not perfect. The way you handle an irritant can determine where you end up in life.

When you are dealt a grain of sand will you let it be an irritant or will you let it develop like a pearl in an oyster? It sounds simple, but that’s the trick to being positive.

Do you listen to people and try to apply what they are going through to what you are going through? You can’t do that. You don’t know the whole story and you can’t know it because it is them and not you. Remain calm. You have to say how can we fix a problem? What can I do? Who can I ask? How can I help?

Don’t try to change people if they don’t want to change. Don’t get caught up in trying to keep score when it comes to problems. We all have them and we all have them at different levels. Focus on making the sand in your life a pearl.

How about this: when sun bakes down on clay it can make a pot, but if it were hitting butter it could melt it. What is your makeup? Are you clay or butter? Are you allowing the sun to melt you down to nothing or help sculpt you into a great masterpiece? How are you going to handle the heat? When the pressure is on your response is your responsibility. You can’t take it lightly. It is a great responsibility. How you react is completely up to you. It is your choice. Do everything you possibly can to act out of love … always … no matter what. That is very hard to practice 100 percent of the time, but you have to keep trying.

Don’t let people head fake you and let you think everything is perfect because it is not. They will never tell you everything. We all have hidden stuff that we don’t share with the world. People, by nature, don’t want to share their personal stuff when it is not good. They might confide in a select few, but to the general public they don’t want to air their dirty laundry.

Don’t fall into the trap where you think somebody is perfect or lives the perfect life. That’s the kind of life you see in movies, but it is not reality. The outer shell of a turtle is there to protect the soft makeup of the turtle. Don’t let the shell confuse you when you are dealing with people.  

Judge people by results and not what they say or would have you believe. When a person is about the money and not the mission, then you’ve lost. When what you do is about the mission then you get great results. People need love and encouragement. A small gesture could be exactly what a person needs to push them to greatness.

When you decide to be positive and bloom where you are planted, your life will change. When you make your mind up about what you are going to do then you have figured it out. The Alliance believes we need more eyeballs and not more “new” ideas. We want to help more people and make a bigger difference.

Our HotSpots are a well full of water. We have clean air to breathe in these meetings. It’s an environment where you are free to grow. We create a good, fun, safe, fertile environment where you are required to be positive and are allowed to have all the water you want for your well.

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